Videos of the 2018 Conference

Videos of the presentations held at /gʁafematik/ 2018, in Brest (June 14-15, 2018).

  • KEYNOTE: Florian Coulmas. The Best Writing System of the World  
  • Marc Wilhelm Küster. Open and Closed Writing Systems—Some Reflections  
  • David Roberts, Valentin Vydrin and Dana Basnight-Brown. Marking Tone With Punctuation: An Orthography Experiment in Eastern Dan (Côte d'Ivoire)  
  • Martin Raymond. ScriptSource: Documenting the Writing Systems of the World  
  • David Březina. Character Similarity and Coherence in Typeface Design  
  • Joseph Dichy and Yannis Haralambous. French Inclusive Writing  
  • Kamal Mansour. On the Origins of Arabic Script  
  • Joseph Dichy. On the Writing System of Arabic. Semiographic characterization of Naskhi Letter Shapes  
  • Kavya Manohar and Santhosh Thottingal. Malayalam Orthographic Reforms: Impact on Language and Popular Culture  
  • Tereza Slaměníková. On the Nature of Unmotivated Constituents in Modern Chinese Characters  
  • Keisuke Honda. What Do Kanji Graphs Represent in the Japanese Writing System? An Examination of the Morphographic and Morphophonic Theories of Kanji Writing  
  • Cornelia Schindelin. The Li-Variation: When the Ancient Chinese Writing changed to Modern Chinese Script  
  • KEYNOTE: Christa Dürscheid. Image, Writing, Unicode  
  • Yannis Haralambous. A Roadmap to Graphemics  
  • Martin J. Dürst. Are There Any Limits to Text Encoding?  
  • Vlad Atanasiu. Ugraphia: The Utopia of an Perfectly Legible Script  
  • Martin Evertz. The History of the Graphematic Foot in English and German  
  • Patricia Thaine and Gerald Penn. Vowel and Consonant Classification Through Spectral Decomposition  
  • Nicolas Ballier, Erin Pacquetet and Taylor Arnold. Investigating Keylogs as Time-Stamped Graphemes  
  • Sveva Elti di Rodeano. Digraphia: The Story of a Sociolinguistic Typology  
  • Ray Stegeman. Graphemic Choices in Writing Papua New Guinean Languages Through the Years  
  • Yifan Wang. “Latin Script” Revisited: Issues on Identification of a Script  
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